We create hand crafted modern art from your heirlooms, weapons, and treasured possessions. Here's our story.

Wendy Maybury has been a professional photographer for 18 years but has only recently started light painting- this totally unique process of lighting with constant lighting and combining exposure in post production to create something completely fresh, new and artistic,

All of Lux Armory’s projects start with a client meeting where Wendy discusses the project before they start and strategizes on how she will light all the little parts. Wendy’s seventeen years in the commercial photography industry gave her the experience to create the final image in Photoshop. She spend hours creating the image. Wendy explains, “There’s this moment where it crosses from something your eye saw to something more, for me that’s the moment it becomes art. When we get to that moment in the process it’s as if you could see it perfectly lit from every angle at the same time. It’s great to see people’s reactions- the first thing they always ask is “How did you do that?” And the next is “With a flashlight!?”

Introduction to Lux Armory

Lux Armory was born from Wendy’s love of commercial photography and military history. Her enthusiastic energy and precision brings some incredible art to life.

Lux Armory wall art is proudly made in the Midwest. From concept to the process used to high heat print the images created onto a rigid metal display that stands 1” out from the wall. Everything is made right here in the USA. We take care to source all of our business partners locally whenever possible and a portion of our profits go to the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity that Wendy cares deeply about, as Wendy’s father and grandfathers were veterans.